Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is a very lucrative and in demand field that has not been explored properly world over. Global economy is moving towards technological revolution and traditional fields and skills have no place in that world and economy. For instance, automation based upon Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Smart Contracts, etc is taking control of our International Trade in Goods and Services. In that framework, there is no place for traditional Judiciary and Litigation as they are cumbersome, time consuming, expensive and counter productive in this technological regime.

ODR India is the oldest ODR Service Provider of India (Since 2004) and exclusive Techno Legal ODR Service Provider of the world. We have established a simple and easy to use ODR Portal for global stakeholders. Behind this simple looking interface, there are many more useful and people friendly technologies that are working 24x7x365. As a result, ODR Portal is considered to be one of the best ODR Service Providers of the world and is used by global stakeholders. 

ODR Portal can resolve all Techno Legal global disputes that no other ODR Service provider of the world is doing. We are covering fields like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cyber Law, Cyber Security, Cyber Forensic, Cyber Crimes Investigation, International Taxation, Conflict Of Laws, Space Laws, Privacy and Data Protection, Digital Payments Disputes, International Law, etc. The list is just illustrative as many more fields are covered by ODR India Portal. There is virtually no field that is not covered by ODR India Portal.

Although ODR India Portal primarily covers Legal fields yet being Techno Legal in nature it covers technological and other fields too. That is why professionals from all fields can be part of this Global Portal. Some Professionals have expressed few apprehensions about their suitability for ODR India Portal but we at Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) assure that they are well suited for our Portal. Professionals from Management, Taxation, Real Estate, Medical, Engineering, Legal or any other Profession/Field are Eligible and are Welcomed at ODR India Portal.

Some Professionals, including Lawyers/Legal Professionals, were also apprehensive about the use of technology due to their background. We assure them that they are perfectly suited for ODR India Portal. If still there remains any hesitancy, we have launched the ODR Skills Development And Training Portal for Global Stakeholders and Professionals.

Any Professional or Stakeholders desiring to avail ODR Training and Skills Development from the ODR Training Portal can do so in the following manner:

(a) For ODR Panelists Registered With ODR Portal: Free of cost, or

(b) For Unregistered Stakeholders: With Fees of Rs. 15000 (Fifteen Thousand Only).

Stakeholders can Contact Us to get our bank details for NEFT/Online Transfer of the fees.

It would be a much better option to Empanel as an ODR Expert as that would open a Bright, Futuristic and very Lucrative Techno Legal Career for you too besides getting “Free Training”. When Job and Career Avenues for Professionals and Stakeholders are diminishing with passage of each year, being an ODR Expert would serve as a cushion for you and your future career.

ODR Training and Skills Development Online Course would be launched very soon and information and intimation about it would be shared at Twitter, Social Media platforms, our blogs, etc.

We look forward to have you as a Valuable Member of ODR Portal soon.

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