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How To Lodge An ODR Request
Last Updated 3 years ago

Log into your registered account and click on create an ODR Request. Fill in the details in each column and upload necessary files and then click upon Create ODR Request button.

When you log in, your details would be automatically taken up by the system and you need to fill the remaining fields. The steps are as follows;

(1) Choose the help topic from drop down menu,

(2) Fill the issue summary as the subject,

(3) Write down your grievance, complaint, request, etc at the box below the subject column. You can add a pdf up to 1 MB too but heavy files would not be uploaded,

(4) Mention the amount involved in the dispute and check our Administrative Costs structure for our administrative fees. Calculate it and deposit the same into our bank account thorough the payment gateway available at this portal. In case of any doubt, please contact us for assistance,

(5) Attach the payment details file at the relevant column of the payment that you have already made,

(6) Attach a Govt recognised ID copy at the relevant column, and

(7) Click upon Create ODR Request button. This would submit your ODR Request to us for online dispute resolution (ODR) purposes.

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