E-Commerce Disputes Resolution Procedure Using Online Platform Of TLCEODRI

E-Commerce Disputes Resolution Procedure Using Online Platform Of TLCEODRIE-commerce laws in India are still evolving yet none can deny the applicability of different laws of India to various forms of e-commerce activities in India. With the increasing use of e-commerce activities in India there is also an increase in consumer disputes arising out of e-commerce transactions. The traditional litigation system and consumer protection methods have proved inadequate in these circumstances.

The traditional alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods include conciliation, mediation, arbitration, etc. Its modern counterpart is known as online dispute resolution (ODR) that is fast gaining attention of policy makers and various stakeholders around the world. ODR also involves all these ADR methods but in addition it also uses information and communication technology (ICT) to conduct traditional ADR related aspects. This is the reason why arbitration in India is now moving towards cyber arbitration in India.

ODR can significantly help the consumers and e-commerce portal owners alike in the present technology driven markets and environment. Both consumers and e-commerce players can get their disputes resolved in a timely, cost effective and transparent manner by using cyber arbitration or ODR methods.

ODR in India is at nascent stage and there is also a lack of awareness about the same among various stakeholders. We have launched the first ODR platform of India for various stakeholders in this regard that can be used to gain knowledge and experience about use of ODR by various stakeholders. Interested stakeholders may open a dispute resolution ticket and share their disputes with us.

This initiative is in testing mode and very soon a full fledged and dedicated cyber arbitration platform would be launched by Techno Legal Centre of Excellence for Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) in India (TLCEODRI). In order to train the stakeholders in this regard, TLCEODRI has also launched a dedicated blog for ODR training in India where we would post articles, opinions, views, suggestions and methods pertaining to use of cyber arbitration and ODR in India. An ODR discussion forum has also been launched by TLCEODRI so that public awareness about cyber arbitration, online arbitration, online dispute resolution, etc can be spread.

We hope various stakeholders would find this initiative useful and they would start using the same for a better e-commerce model that is consumer centric in nature. In case you face any difficulty, please contact us in that regard. We look forward to the views, opinions and suggestions of various stakeholders in general and e-commerce website owners in particular.

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