Resolve Without Litigation (RWL) Project Of Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO)

Resolve Without Litigation (RWL) Project Of Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO)Litigation is not the preferred mode of dispute resolution due to huge expenses and its time consuming nature. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods like arbitration, negotiation, conciliation, etc have been effectively used in the past to mitigate litigation related rigours.

However, ADR has it own limitations and it was felt to formulate much better and economical methods to resolve disputes. Information and communication technology (ICT) came to the rescue of disputants in this situation.

Online dispute resolution (ODR) has emerged as the most viable option to traditional litigation. However, ODR in India has not been accepted and adopted to the desired level. Perry4Law organisation (P4LO) has been managing few ODR related projects in India and abroad.

These include Online Dispute Resolution Platform of PTLB and Resolve Without Litigation (RWL) Project of Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO). PTLB and P4LO are also managing the exclusive Techno Legal Centre of Excellence for Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) in India (TLCEODRI).

Our premier project named Resolve Without Litigation (RWL) would be operational very soon and that would transform the way disputes are resolved outside the court through use of ICT. The RWL project would cater the need of both national and international stakeholders and disputants.

We hope these projects and initiatives of P4LO and PTLB would be useful to all concerned.

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