Author Topic: ODR Methods Of TLCEODRI  (Read 1475 times)


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« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2015, 05:59:24 am »
Through this thread we wish to share about the ODR methods that would be used by TLCEODRI. These methods are neither exclusive nor exhaustive and many more methods and online dispute resolution mechanisms (ODRM) are there in place. 

The methods/mechanisms proposed to be used by TLCEODRI are as follow:

(1) E-mail communications,

(2) Web and mobile chats,

(3) Discussion forums,

(4) Dedicated customer relationship management platform(s),

(5) dedicated social media platforms,

(6) ODR mechanisms embedded in the training and skills development platform(s),

(7) Third party platforms of TLCEODRI, etc.

In short, the ODR process of TLCEODRI can be initiated by simple exchange of e-mails to use of dedicated dispute resolution platforms. Early registration to our discussion forum and other platforms is highly recommended for various stakeholders like e-commerce websites and companies.