PTLB offers these types of training to various stakeholders.

(1) Free Training: The first one is where general guidance is given free of cost to those interested in using the ODR platform of PTLB. We achieve this through various articles, FAQs, ODR Forum of PTLB, etc. On top of it, we have also launched a Demo Site where users can have first hand experience of our ODR Services. Please see the Demo Site page of this platform. You can also see our ODR Training Blog for more details from time to time.

(2) Professional Training: This training is available to all those who wish to adopt ODR as a career. This is an in-depth training program for ODR professionals, Lawyers, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) professionals, etc. We use many platforms for techno legal training and Virtual Campus Of PTLB is one of them.

(3) Faculty Development: Under this category only those ODR professionals are given training who are already empaneled with PTLB for Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) services. This is the highest level of training that would be imparted to selective few ODR professionals only.

Stakeholders are, however, always welcome to share their concerns, queries and suggestions with PTLB and we encourage them to do so. Thanks for your interest.