Technology can be a real enabler but many stakeholders find it very difficult to shift to it from traditional methods. For instance, mere idea of use of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) by Litigants and Lawyers may create many apprehensions in their mind. The best way to remove any apprehension in the mind of a stakeholder is to make her/him understand the technology.

If need arises, we must not hesitate to train them and they must not hesitate to be trained by ODR Service providers like PTLB.

Keeping this aspect in mind, PTLB and Resolve Without Litigation (RWL) Project of PTLB have created a platform that is part of the ODR Training efforts of PTLB.

Please use this Demo Site to get accustomed of the most simple and effective ODR mechanism that has been adopted by any individual or organisation in the World. It is as simple as filing a form and as effective as an Arbitration Award.

We are already in the process of adding more contents, tutorials, articles, etc at the ODR Training Portal of PTLB so that all stakeholders can get best out of our platform. We hope all stakeholders would find this Demo Site useful. Thanks for your interest.