ODR Agreement

National and international stakeholders interested in Cyber Arbitration, Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), Online Mediation, Online Arbitration, etc can avail the unique and domain specific techno legal services of Techno Legal Centre of Excellence for Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) In India (TLCEODRI).

In order to benefit from our techno legal cyber arbitration and online dispute resolution (ODR) services, please do the following:

(1) Use the following “ODR Agreement Clause” in your agreements, contracts, websites, business dealings, etc:

“Parties to the agreement/contract hereby specifically and unambiguously appoint Techno Legal Centre of Excellence for Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) In India (TLCEODRI) as the arbitration institution for resolving any present/existing, potential or future dispute through online dispute resolution (ODR) mechanism. TLCEODRI shall be empowered to appoint a sole arbitrator of its choice from the arbitrators/ODR experts empanelled with TLCEODRI or otherwise. The rules and procedures prescribed by the TLCEODRI at its website/platform shall govern the institution, management, completion and follow up of the ODR proceedings”.

(2) Generate an ODR or cyber arbitration request at http://odrindia.in/training/odr/open.php to initiate the ODR or cyber arbitration. Once that is done, an ODR expert/arbitrator would be appointed by TLCEODRI and parties to the dispute shall be allowed to upload the relevant documents to support their respective cases.

Once national and international stakeholders would be accustomed to ODR and cyber arbitration, Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) would invite our regular clients to a dedicated, more sophisticated and more advance ODR and cyber arbitration platform. We would also extend our help and support wherever required. In appropriate cases, we would also provide ODR trainings to our clients for a smooth transition.

TLCEODRI strongly recommends national and international stakeholders to register at the ODR Forum of TLCEODRI for first hand information and guidance.